©️ThroatLapDance is part of a series titled Lap Dance Buffet. Τhe research of the ©️LapDanceBuffet series is supported by Onassis AiR and hosted by Haus n Athen, Greece

Can a voice be choreographed as an extra limb? What exchanges are possible and how do they manifest when this choreography is performed for a single audience member at a time? What are the political possibilities of conscious self-objectification?

Marina Miliou-Theocharaki researches the relation of voice to gender and the ever-changing role-play between subject and object. By the use of ventriloquism, throat singing techniques and polyphony she plays with the complex possibilities of sound, meaning, symbolism and narration. Inspired by the act of lap dancing, the performer becomes the host, and the single audience member, the receiver.

Miliou-Theocharaki contemplates on the politics of hosting and the ways we address intimacy. She challenges the roles of the subject and object (of desire), seeking ways to reverse and manipulate them.  The host is the director of the gaze, the movement, the touch, the pleasure, the discomfort. It is a form of empowerment that releases care through a metaphorical exposure. If you would like to receive the Throat Lap Dance, please take a seat on the leather chair. First come first served.


Haus n Athen, Greece

It Moves and it Shouts curated by – Panos Giannikopoulos

Documentation – Athanasios Gatos, Elpida Fragkeskidou

For video documentation please inquire –  marinamilioutheo@gmail.com