The Critical Practices – Open Salon #2

Staging a lounge room where senses are evoked. The participant takes part in a research based conversation around the thematics of soft dances, lap dances, one to one meetings and exchanges. These take place in the red room which is steeped with a scent of eucalyptus. Once the participants, visitors eventually visit the green lit bathroom a sound piece welcomes. One can enjoy the narration and hear more information about the project-in-process there. A soundscape of a narration where the sounds of swallowing, saliva and all the micro efforts of speech are celebrated.

The Critical Practices – Open Salon #2 , is an informal setting devised, facilitated and hosted by the group of the 5 participants of The Critical Practices Program, or some members of the group. The logic of each Open Salon, the thematic, the format, will depend on what the group of participants wants to share at that moment with their peers and general public. This is a time to get feedback, or share thoughts or ideas.

Closer Encounters, the second Open Salon of the Onassis AiR residents. Stop the scroll and take a stroll around the rooms of our daily practice. What does it mean to live in a room? Is to live in a place to take possession of it? What does taking possession of a place mean? As from when does somewhere become truly yours? […] Each room has a particular function. […] I have encountered many unusable spaces and many unused spaces. But I wanted neither the unusable nor the unused, but the useless. How to expel functions, rhythmics, habits, how to expel necessity? Georges Perec, Species of Spaces, 1974

Join us to glimpse on what we are working on and traverse through our images, words, sounds and ideas.

Photos by Elpida Fragkeskidou ©OnassisAiR

Text by Onassis AiR team